Music Education in English

Hickory, Dickory, Tickle, and Bounce

Hickoy Dickory Village Class
Village Class Description

Hickory, Dickory, Tickle, and Bounce -- Research shows the more you expose your baby to nursery rhymes and songs, the stronger those emerging language-learning skills will be. That's why these Mother Goose-like stories and rhymes are the main theme of this class.

Plus, you'll develop research-proven communication strategies with your child through listening activities, speaking "parentese," and sign language.

Home Materials
  • CD of beautifully arranged nursery rhyme and songs from class
  • a rhyming picture board book—Hickory, Dickory, Tickle, and Bounce
  • a set of Art Banners,
  • an instrument for music-making at home
  • Downloadable Materials: Tracks of music heard in class, Home activity book and song texts

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