Music Education in English


Music and movement program for children newborn to 18 months. In Kindermusik® Village® parents and babies experience what the latest brain research has confirmed: Purposeful musical activities stimulate the cognitive and language, social and emotional, as well as physical developments that all begin in the very first days of a child's life. All activities are designed to reinforce these concepts.

Benefits for Your Child and You

Plus every Kindermusik® Village®; course includes set of At Home Materials (Book, CD, instrument, artbanner and diaper bag). In addition there are now new Downloadable At Home Materials for you to continue the learning at home.

Details of Kindermusik Village®
age group: 0 to 1½ years
number of classes: 18 classes of 45 minutes each
price full semester
(18 classes):

Including 2 sets of home materials

price part semester
(9 classes):

Do-Si-Do: from 19th August
Feathers: from 4th November

Includes: home materials; CD, book, instrument, art banner, diaper bag