Music Education in English

ABC English & Me

For children with no or little prior English experience.

ABC English & Me™ is an exciting mix of music and movement activities proven to help young children learn English while at play! This course is ideal for children who are learning English as a second language and who maybe don't speak English at home or in the Kindergarten.

Combining over thirty years of experience with the most current Early Language Learning methodologies and plenty of fun, the collection of thematic 45-minute lessons easily engage students ages 2 to 6 introducing them to English vocabulary and expression in a lively and supportive environment.

Using music, which stimulates and enhances language acquisition, and whole-body physical expression, which improves retention, each lesson is effective and enjoyable for all. Themed lessons build on each other so children can move from learning target words to using them successfully. Students will enjoy exploring kid-friendly topics like farm animals, vehicles and daily activities.

Benefits for Your Child and You

At Kindermusik with Eve our ABC English & Me™ course also includes fifteen minutes of parental Sharing Time helping you to support your child's learning at home. Through songs, stories, instrument play, and movement, ABC English & Me:

Every Kindermusik® ABC English & Me™ course provides four Downloadable and Interactive At Home Material Kits!

Studies show that involving you the parents in the language learning process will increase your child's success. ABC English & Me makes taking part fun for the whole family, with well-crafted and easy-to-access materials that support English language learning at home. Our digital home activities and high-quality music downloads give children the opportunity to hear and practice English sounds outside of school, which builds listening and speaking skills as well as confidence.

Throughout the course families will access four new sets of engaging read-along, sing-along, and play-along activities to enjoy together. Our toe-tapping music downloads feature favorite English songs and sounds from class. By listening, singing, and playing at home, parents can support their children’s learning and boost their own English skills as well!

Details of Kindermusik ABC English & Me
age group: 2 to 6 years
number of classes: 18 classes of 45 minutes each
(parent or caregiver present at last 15 mins)
price: €265,00