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Which Course is Right for my Child?

All of our Kindermusik courses are developmentally appropriate and fun for your child. This means that all the activities that we do are specifically designed for that one particular age group.

Have a look to find the right course designed for your child's age bracket:

Kindermusik and You

Kindermusik classes in Hamburg

Our educators are terrific guides to the fun and learning that take place in Kindermusik classes. Still, we never forget the guiding principle of early childhood education: Your child's most important teacher is you!

That's why every Kindermusik class includes home activities and materials, geared specifically to your child's developmental level. You'll discover music and songbooks, storybooks and musical instruments, games and family activities, and much more. Your child's educator will give you tips for using these materials and ideas for other activities you can do at home.

The time you spend with your child in your home environment reinforces classroom learning. It enhances his growth and development. Most important, it strengthens the bond between your child and you