Music Education in English

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Eve Christie-Hirsch

Eve Christie Hirsch

Eve grew up surrounded by a love of music, sharing musical experiences with her parents, grandparents and brother. From the age of six she watched her mother, a pioneer in early childhood musical education in New Zealand in the 1970s, guiding preschoolers to develop joy and fun in music making.

Eve pursued this in-built passion for music academically, completing a Bachelor of Music from Auckland University and thereafter advancing her vocal studies and teaching music in Wellington. Here she taught a wide range of music; violin, singing, recorder, children's choirs and orchestras, and,her own preschool music programme for children aged from 16 months.

In 1995 she moved to Australia to continue postgraduate study in vocal performance at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Amongst receiving numerous performing awards and scholarships, Eve was most delighted to be awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship (Australia) in 1999. This enabled her to undertake a year of vocal study in the UK with renowned teacher Joseph Ward OBE, and to spend four months studying the German language at the Goethe Institut in Berlin, Germany. The following year, Eve moved to London, England where she operated a private vocal studio in central London, performed as a professional opera singer and was a founding director of a music agency.

In 2005 Eve moved to Hamburg and after the birth of her first child she began teaching Kindermusik. She is enjoying being a licenced educator in the international network of the Kindermusik® programme, and firmly believes Kindermusik® provides the best all-round learning experience to children – cognitive, physical, emotional and social. She takes great pleasure in watching the parent-child bond develop as both share a fun musical experience, which provides their child with English language skills and a life-long love of music.

Audrey Bashore

Audrey Bashore

A born performer, Audrey feels lucky to say that music has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Whether it was making home movies with friends and family in elementary school, parading around on stage in middle school musical productions, or the piano, viola and voice lessons she took throughout high school, Audrey's relationship with music has always been a rewarding and passionate one.

After earning her Bachelors Degrees in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance and German from the School of Literature, Science and the Arts, she spent a year in Frankfurt, Germany working as an Au Pair for two beautiful little girls. Although the eldest of all her cousins, and well versed in the areas of diaper change and babysitting, it was this time abroad in Frankfurt that opened Audrey's eyes to what an incredible, rewarding experience working with children is. After finishing her year in Frankfurt, she moved to Hamburg, Germany to pursue her Master's in Music (Opera Performance).

Becoming a Licensed Kindermusik® Educator has allowed Audrey to combine so many of her passions and bear witness to the joy, development and love of music Kindermusik helps inspire in children and adults of all ages. As a Licensed Kindermusik Educator, Audrey is excited to work with you and your children and share the love she has found in music with you and your family!

Marcella Dudley

Marcella Dudley

Since she was a little child, Marcella has always been passionate at singing, music and dance.She still remembers the many children’s songs and nursery rhymes her musical Irish father taught her as a little child. When she was six years old, she started playing the treble recorder, to which she added the alt recorder and piano in high school. The joy, that singing in different choirs as from the age of eleven and performing in school musicals and singing competitions gave her, made her realise, she wanted to further her singing skills by taking formal singing lessons, which she did for four years.

After finishing High School in Cape Town, where she spent eight years of her life, she returned to Germany to study, after a three-month stint as an Au Pair to five children in Lausanne, Switzerland. Having two little brothers born to her at age 15, she was well familiarized at an early age with young children, whom she loves to look after and play with. She has continued to baby-sit her little cousins regularly throughout her years at the University of Hamburg, where she is currently writing her thesis in Spanish Literature.

Marcella has kept up her singing in the past years by singing in a band and partaking in several musical projects with friends and acquaintances. She has always felt that singing is a wonderful gift which should be shared with many and is thoroughly excited at becoming a licensed Kindermusik® teacher. Being able to help small children grow mentally and emotionally through the merits of music is a marvellously rewarding opportunity, as Marcella quickly realized. Therefore she is looking forward enormously to achieving just that through the wonderful Kindermusik® programme with you and your children.

Karen Bergquist-Lüth

Karen Luth

Like many children Karen always loved having a song in her head. This early love of music has sustained her through years of experience working with children and music. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance from Northwestern University, where she studied with Walfrid Kujala of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; and a Master of Arts in Flute Performance degree from the University of Iowa where she studied baroque and modern flute with Betty Mather. She continued on to do her PhD work in Musicology at Stanford University where she studied baroque flute with Robert Claire, of the acclaimed French baroque orchestra Les Arts Florissants. As a performer, she has premiered numerous new works in close collaboration with composers as part of Ultraschall Festival Berlin,  Darmstadt, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Stanford’s Center for Research in Music and Acoustics, and the University of Iowa Center for New Music.

As a performer, historian and flute teacher she has helped nurture this inner song in many children and young adults, and has been inspired as they have carried this music with them into their lives. Kindermusik has been a significant and joyful part of her son and daughter's early lives, encouraging them to grow move and speak through music. Karen aims to create a musical experience that will engage children and their families in the fun and excitement of exploration in movement and song.


Emily Joy

Eve Christie Hirsch

Musics of many cultures have surrounded Emily Joy her entire life.  Her first recorded public debut was singing "Happy Birthday" to herself at age two.  When she was four, she began piano lessons and participated in her first recital.  At six, she competed in her first singing contest.  Since this time, she has learned recorder, trumpet, and organ along with taking courses and workshops in ballroom, swing dancing, Latin dancing, and hip-hop. Her academic research has taken her to Zanzibar, Dresden, Philadelphia, and Hamburg--places where she has studied how and why people use music in their lives.

Emily Joy holds a B.M. (Bachelor of Music) in Vocal Performance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from which she graduated with highest honors and highest distinction.  She attained an A.M. (Master of Arts) from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a doctoral candidate at UPenn in the Anthropology of Music Ph.D. program.  Her dissertation focuses on the state's use of music and especially hiphop to integrate immigrant youth in Hamburg. While living in Philadelphia, Emily Joy also taught the undergraduate course World Musics and Cultures for four semesters and gave private voice lessons to undergraduate and graduate students at UPenn.  She currently teaches private voice and piano in Hamburg as well.  Emily Joy is keen to see how like other musics, Kindermusik can impact and transform children's lives.