Music Education in English

Kindermusik in Hamburg

All over the world, parents bond with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movement. They rock and swing their children, put them to sleep with lullabies, make them laugh with nursery rhymes. Parents know instinctively what scientists have now proven: young children thrive on music!

The Benefits of Kindermusik

Kindermusik with Eve, Hamburg

Music matters: Psychologists, neuroscientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more for children than bring them joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence. Kindermusik's curriculum is built on this research.

When young children are consistently engaged by music in an age-appropriate, socially accepting environment, they benefit at many levels:

Language Development

Development of words through vocal sounds, singing and eventually speech.

Physical Development

We move around a lot! Each curriculum is designed to help your child reach their physical potential.

Emotional Development

Music of all kinds is good for the soul and well-being of all children.

Social Development

Kindermusik gives children the opportunity to enjoy music with other children their own age and to develop new relationships.

Cognitive Development

Current research has proven that balancing, tapping a steady beat and the ability to count will help children later on in maths, reading, problem solving and concentration.

Musical Development

Kindermusik introduces your child to rhythm, instruments, singing, dance and a wide variety of musical styles.

And of course, they develop a lifelong love of music.